Thalore, Thalore, Thrissur

A house was founded in 1925 and the monastery was canonically erected in 1938. Sri. Paulose Antony Eduthan, a devout Catholic of the locality, took the initiative for the foundation of this house and donated the necessary land and a small building. St. Mary’s Monastery, Elthuruth helped for further developments.
A primary school was started by Sri. Antony Eduthan, at his own expense. It was handed over to us in 1925. It was upgraded as middle school in 1942. Deepthi High School was started in 1976 and (Unaided) Higher Secondary was started functioning in the unaided sector from 2002 onwards with two Biology batches. Aided Higher Secondary Section is having 5 batches now with 2 Biology batches in the unaided sector, 1 Biology batch, 1 Computer Science and 1 Commerce batch in the aided sector.
The parish started in the year 1976 (Infant Jesus Parish) and was divested from Thalore Monastery on November 1st 2010.
The Catholic Labour Association (C. L. A) which has now spread throughout Kerala, had its origin here under the leadership of Fr. Genesius Konikara. In 1994 the Nazareth nursery School was started.

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