Quite accidentlly, but of course providentially it can be rightly said that the saintly religious Fr. Canisius comes second in the list of the persons to be canonized from the members of the CMI Congregation. The members of the Devamatha Province, Thrissur are very proud, joyous and grateful to God almighty for His ineffable gift.
Fr. Canisius, the embodiment of simplicity as every one adulates him, reveals his own personality in two separate sentences written by him, which are often quoted by others and they are as follows:
1. Motto – “ The will of God…. that alone ….. that in full…..”
2. Testimony – “ …. I have an invaluable treasure which I got through decantation of my long years of life experiences… despite our insignificance, foolishness, ignorance and immaturity it is quite possible with God’s help, when one is resolutely committed to do it, we can be pure at heart before God, pleasant in appearance and innocent in our dealings with the fellow beings, closely observing the values of religious life. This is my witness, experience and treasure possessed by me which I pass on abundantly, joyfully, to my brethren, about which I have told previously……..”

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